Newsletter July 2017

Newsletter June 2017

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The Ten 2 letter words that are the key to your success:

“If it is to be it is up to me”

Architectural detail

Architectural detail
take note of the integrated structural detail of beam work

   From time to time I will encounter carpentry work that implements structure integrity. Here is an example.

LRT infrastructure

Evergreen Line to Tri-CitiesInfrastructure update as per Jan. 4, 2013 when I stopped at the display centre located at Pinetree and Barnet Highway

Thank you for the recognition…Remax

Award Remax 2012 #2 SalespersonRecognition: young babies cry for and grown men die for.

Please do not take the awards that you are given for granted…because the people responsible for your recognition will not acknowledge you the same way.

Toys and a rule that coordinates with real estate

Excalibur under grounddon’t buy toys unless you can keep them under shelter on your own real estate.